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The Effective Teacher

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Single Unit Price:  $610.00

There is no need to wait to hear the most sought after speaker in education.  This DVD series captures the warmth, humor, and enthusiasm of Harry K. Wong.  A five hour in-service presentation has been packaged into eight small parts so that a teacher who needs help can look at certain sections or a staff developer or administrator can use each part over a period of time.  Recorded in a performing arts center, this production has won numerous awards and has been honored by the Telly Awards as the best education series in the past twenty years.

The Effective Teacher shows what effective teachers do to cause student achievement.  It is all common sense, research-based, non-controversial, basic information and techniques used by effective teachers shared in an entertaining easy-to-implement format.  The information correlates with The First Days of School for a coherent staff development package.

Available as the complete series or individually, each DVD contains one of each of the eight parts of the series, the complete Facilitator’s Handbook with the transcript of the series in PDF format, an expanded Implementation Guide that walks the facilitator through each part and provides questions for discussion and follow-up, PDF files of all the graphics used in the production, PowerPoint slides of all of the graphics from the series, and a video file of all of the opening music and commentaries that begin each of the eight parts.

The Effective Teacher is also available in a digital format as streaming video.  See Our Digital Products page for more information.



Disc Unit Price:  $87.00
Series Unit Price:  $610.00

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Product Codes:  TETDVD, ETDVD1ETDVD8
Publisher-Direct Disc Price:  $87.00  (includes shipping within Continental US)
Publisher-Direct Series Price:  $610.00  (includes shipping within Continental US)

Disc Titles and Length

Part 1:  The Effective Teacher - 32 minutes
How to use research-based practices to be a happy, effective teacher

Part 2:  The First Days of School - 36 minutes
How to invite students to succeed

Part 3:  Discipline and Procedures - 36 minutes
How to have a well-managed classroom

Part 4:  Procedures and Routines - 55 minutes
How to have students follow classroom procedures

Part 5:  Cooperative Learning and Culture - 47 minutes
How to prepare your students for tomorrow’s world

Part 6:  Lesson Mastery - 33 minutes
How to increase student learning and achievement

Part 7:  The Professional Educator - 41 minutes
How to become an effective teacher and professional educator 

Part 8:  Positive Expectations - 20 minutes
How to increase positive student behavior


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Publisher-Direct Price:
$610.00    Per Series (includes shipping within Continental US)