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Teacher Quiz

Check Your Teaching Effectiveness

Click T or F to the statements below.  At the end of the quiz, tally your score.  The answers that are incorrect will be highlighted.  Pages from The First Days of School will be referenced so you can read and correct your answers.

Please click T (true) or F (false)

T F    
1. It is more efficient to have your students pass their papers across the rows than up the aisles.
2. Scatter questions throughout the lesson or chapter rather than place at the end.
3. An assignment must be posted and in a consistent location before the students enter the class.
4. To increase assignment completion, give structured, precise assignments.
5. Use a norm-referenced test to check for mastery.
6. The number of students in a group is determined by the size of your class.
7. Begin each day or period by taking roll as quickly and efficiently as possible.
8. Tests must be given when enough material has been covered.
9. A teacher can change to most any other position in education in three to five years with a raise in salary of 25 percent or more.
10. Teachers are an underpaid group of people who do not have the respect of the public.
11. Praise the student when the student does well.
12. An excellent way to get class attention is to flick the lights.
13. The assignment and the test should be written at the same time.
14. Beginning teachers are better off using general rules.
15. The number one problem in the classroom is discipline.
16. Procedures have no penalties or rewards.
17. To increase student learning and achievement, tell the students what to do.
18. The main purpose of a seating arrangement is to keep students quiet.
19. The number of questions on a test is governed by the number of objectives on the assignment.
20. Learning is more effective when it takes place as a solitary activity.