Copyright Requests

We are pleased to provide permission to duplicate or republish excerpts from our books meeting these criteria:

Permission to Duplicate

Duplication is limited to no more than six pages.  No fees may be collected for these pages.

We do not grant permission for the reprinting of any of our materials for use in a coursepack or handout for resale.

Professors, staff developers, trainers, coaches, and workshop leaders, please contact us directly for permission to duplicate select pages as handouts free-of-charge.  Permission to duplicate pages from our books for use as a handout can be requested by submitting the Duplication Request Form.


Permission to Republish

Permission to use excerpts from our books in another publication requires the identification of the exact material for which permission is requested.

Please submit the Republishing Request Form.

Please note that if the material requested is credited to another source, permission must be obtained from the credited source rather than from Harry K. Wong Publications.


Please submit any additional copyright inquiries to our Permissions Department.

Harry K. Wong Publications, Inc. [email protected]
Permissions Department  
943 North Shoreline Boulevard TEL:  650-965-7896
Mountain View, CA  94043 FAX:  650-965-7890