Frequently Asked Questions

These are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.  If you have another question you don’t see listed here, please email [email protected] and we’ll get the answer to you.

  1. Are my online orders secure?

    Yes!  Our website is protected by SSL encryption that ensures your credit card number as well as your personal information remains private and safe.  We do not sell or share any of our customer information with others.

  2. What are my delivery options?

    You get to select the delivery option of your choice.  In your shopping cart, you will be shown the shipping options and the cost for each after “Calculate Shipping” is clicked.  The least expensive method of shipping will be at the top of the list.  Priority Mail and UPS ground delivery typically take three to five business days.  Expedited delivery options range from one to three business days.  All items ship from Mountain View, California.

  3. Can I track my order?

    If you provide an email address when placing your order, we will email the shipping date and tracking number for your order.

  4. What is your return policy?

    Unused items may be returned, provided they are not damaged and in resalable condition.  All returns must be shipped back prepaid in order to receive credit.  Please call Customer Service at 650-965-7896 to obtain a return authorization.

  5. Can I change or cancel my order?

    You can change or cancel your order if your order has not shipped.  For eBooks and other Digital Products, we are unable to accept returns or cancel orders once the product has been accessed.  Please call Customer Service at 650-965-7896 for immediate assistance.

  6. How do I place an international order?

    We gladly accept orders from around the world.  All international orders are shipped via US Postal Service Priority Mail International.  Available products, shipping rates, and fees vary depending on the delivery destination.  Note that our shipping charges do not include brokerage fees, duties, or taxes.  The shipping company will bill you directly for these fees, if there are any.  Place your order online through our shopping cart.  Please email [email protected] or call 650-965-7896 during our normal business hours if you need further assistance with your international order.

  7. Can I purchase a single DVD from The Effective Teacher DVD series?

    The Effective Teacher is an eight-part series and is sold either as a set or as single discs.  Click here to be taken to the product page for the single discs for The Effective Teacher.

    The Effective Teacher is also available for instant, single-user access when it is purchased as a digital product.  Access is limited to 120 days and is offered as the series or as individual DVDs.  Click here to be taken to the digital information page for The Effective Teacher.

    For assistance with replacement DVDs, please call Customer Service at 650-965-7896.

  8. Can I subscribe to receive the Effective Teaching newspaper?

    The newspaper is a one-time-only publication that is updated periodically.  The file is FREE to download from our website with no permission required to duplicate, as is, for distribution to groups.  We do ship quantities of 20 or more for a nominal fee of $0.25 each.  Click here to be taken to the product page for Effective Teaching.

  9. Where can I find the Going Beyond folder content mentioned in THE First Days of School?

    Click here for the Going Beyond folder content in THE First Days of School, 5th edition.

    Click here for the Going Beyond folder content in The First Days of School, 4th edition.

  10. Do you offer Continuing Education Units or college credits for THE Classroom Management Course?

    We are in negotiations with several universities to offer Continuing Education Units and academic university credit for completion of the course.  Please email [email protected] if you wish to be notified once our partnership is established and we are able to offer CEUs or college credits.

  11. Will my district accept THE Classroom Management Course for CEUs?

    The Continuing Education Unit is a nationally recognized unit designed to provide an official record of an individual's continuing education accomplishments.  It is up to each individual school district to determine what it will accept for credits.  Check with your school district for its policy on CEUs.

  12. Will my school reimburse me for THE Classroom Management Course?

    This is a decision made at the local level.  Check with your school for its policy on reimbursement of professional development courses.

  13. Does THE Classroom Management Course require a textbook?

    Access to THE Classroom Management Book is required to take this course.  ENRICHMENT reading assignments from THE First Days of School are recommended but not required.

  14. I have the 1st edition of THE Classroom Management Book.   Do I need to buy the 2nd edition for THE Classroom Management Course?

    If you have the first edition of THE Classroom Management Book, you do not need to purchase the 2nd edition of the book.  It will work, for the most part, for the purposes of this course.  While the content is the same, it has been rewritten along with some new photos.  

    We are happy to send you a PDF of the addtional page from the 2nd edition that you will need to complete your reading assignments.  Please contact [email protected] and ask for Page 7.

  15. Do I need to have THE First Days of School book for THE Classroom Management Course?

    THE First Days of School is not required reading for this course.  However, there are pages listed in the ENRICHMENT reading section that are recommended for further understanding of the concepts presented in the course.  Reading these pages is not required for completion of the course.

    The ENRICHMENT readings for THE First Days of School are for the 5th edition of the book.  A correlation of readings to previous editions is not available.  If you want to do the ENRICHMENT readings, you will need to have access to the 5th edition.

  16. Can I take THE Classroom Management Course with my cell phone?

    THE Classroom Management Course was not designed to be displayed on any type of smart phone, tablet, or eReader.  

  17. Can I use any browser to access THE Classroom Management Course?

    For maximun user experience, we recommend you access the course using Chrome, Edge, or Safari.

  18. What if I need more time to finish THE Classroom Management Course?

    If you need more time to finish the course, please email us at [email protected] before your 90-day access ends to learn the options available to you to extend your access.

  19. Do you have a printed catalog?

    We do not produce a paper catalog.  We showcase all of our products on our website which allows us to keep everything up to date.  You are welcome to print these pages as needed.

  20. Do you recommend other consultants who know your work?

    Yes!  We have a small cadre of speakers we can recommend to you.  Each specializes in topics from THE First Days of School.  While these people are independent consultants, we know the caliber and expertise of these educators and feel confident they will produce a positive effect with your group.  Please click here to tell us about your needs.  We will help you find the consultant right for you.

  21. Do you sell wholesale to qualifying businesses?

    We are always looking to build relationships with new wholesale customers.  Please email [email protected] or call Customer Service at 650-965-7896 for dealer information and pricing.  We look forward to doing business with you!

  22. Can I use a Purchase Order to buy my materials?

    While our shopping cart handles prepaid orders, you can complete a form online to fax or mail along with the hard copy of your Purchase Order.  Click here for the order form.

  23. What's the difference between Digital Products and Standard Products?

    Many of our products have been digitized for instant access over the Internet.  We refer to them as our Digital Products.  Nothing is ever shipped to you.  Viewing, listening, or reading is done with an Internet connection.  Access to the content is available for 120 days and is limited to a single user for personal viewing.  The digital content cannot be downloaded to your computer or any mobile device.  We recommend a high speed Internet connection for optimum access.

    The items we refer to as our Standard Products are the traditional forms of our products—books, DVDs, CDs, and other printed matter.  Hard copies are shipped to you to build your professional library.  They are yours to keep.

  24. Can I use my cell phone to access your website?

    Our website has been designed for access on mobile devices.  To view the mobile version of the site just access the site from any mobile device.

  25. Are your books available in other languages?

    The First Days of School has been translated into nine languages and is sold by the holder of the translation rights in their countries. 

    The book has been translated in to Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Indonesian, French, Arabic, Turkish, and Spanish.

    THE Classroom Management Book has been translated into Chinese and Japanese and is sold by the holder of the translation rights in those countries.

    We do not sell the foreign language editions.  If you would like to purchase a foreign edition, please email [email protected] or call Customer Service at 650-965-7896 for more information about our foreign language editions.

  26. Are translation rights available for your materials?

    We gladly accept inquiries regarding the translation of any of our products into other languages.  We only consider requests that are from publishing companies or qualified education agencies.  Please contact Cindy Wong at [email protected] or call her at 650-965-7896 with all requests.

    If you are a translator and wish to translate any of our products into another language, we do not deal with translators directly.  The holder of the foreign rights to the product will hire the translator.  However, we are happy to pass along your name and your qualifications to the publisher or agency.

    If you wish to have any of our products translated, we suggest you contact a foreign publisher or education agency and share your interest in the product and how you can help them in the translation of it.

  27. What is your privacy policy?

    Click here to access our privacy policy.